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Our resolute team is committed to providing ongoing food distribution to children in Liberia, West Africa. With the next distribution date set for July 24th, 2024, your support is urgently needed to ensure these children receive the nourishment they need.

We invite you to become a vital part of this mission by volunteering your time to aid in the smooth operation of the distribution process or by making a financial contribution. Your generous support will help us ensure these children receive the necessary nourishment.

Thank you for considering joining us in this critical endeavor.

World Kids Compassion

Every Child Is Worthy of Compassion Without Favor

On December 22nd, 2023, World Kids Compassion provided rice and cash donations in Monrovia, Liberia, benefiting 30 children.

In February 2023, World Kids Compassion organized a distribution event to assist underprivileged children in Zomba, Malawi.

These children face significant challenges, and it is crucial for us to offer them unwavering support in order to help improve their circumstances and brighten their futures.

WKC, Inspiring KIDS to trust their Value & Potential.

World Kids Compassion is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire kids to trust their values and potential. We believe that every child deserves to have a positive self-image, a sense of purpose, and hope for the future. They offer various programs and activities that help kids develop their skills, talents, and passions, as well as foster their emotional and social well-being.

Some programs and activities that World Kids Compassion provides are mentoring, tutoring, art, music, sports, leadership, volunteering, and cultural exchange. These programs and activities are designed to empower kids to discover their interests, express their creativity, overcome their challenges, and connect with others. Through these programs and activities, World Kids Compassion hopes to inspire kids to trust their values and potential and to make a positive difference in the world.

In the village of Zomba, Malawi
Our children are the messengers for the future, which we may not see. 

It is imperative to lay the foundation for our future leaders through education and compassion. Many children in emerging nations are being educated serendipitously through other people of goodwill through a donation to organizations helping to educate children.

Being compassionate to a child and sharing your Compassion, you’re not only putting a smile on the child’s face but also giving them hope in life that they never thought existed for them. 

We are seeking your assistance in defining the obstacles in the lives of children living in developing countries around the world. 


At the mission of hope in monrovia, liberia
World Kids Compassion understands we may not create an army of messengers in a split second; hence, that shouldn’t be an impediment that my $1 can not save the world. We believe that helping one child at a time will make a difference in the long run. 
The lack of education, hunger, shelter, and child labor (demanding underage children perform duties initially met for adults without being properly compensated).

Due to hardship and rampant corruption in many developing nations, the increase of child labor has become primarily inevitable in many African countries.

Monrovia, Liberia
These disabled children are living in difficult circumstances in the orphanage.
Deconttee Simpson, one of the speakers, is a nine-year-old who expressed the hunger they endure at the orphanage center and school.
They are struggling, which makes it difficult for them to get food, wash their clothes, and transportation to school. The sad part is they are disabled; they sometimes rely on others for mobility. Despite their conditions, they still have a smile on their faces. 

Many children need our help. Unfortunately, we can’t solve the problem overnight, but we can start with one child at a time due to funding. Your donation will help provide food, clothes, and shoes for those with feet to wear them, and lunch money for the time the funding will last for the five children we have on our list to be assisted.

OUR IMPACT Motivating Children to recognize their Value and Opportunities
Educate A Child Today 
World Kids Compassion knows that Education is every child’s right and not a Privilege. 
World Kids Compassion is a non-profit organization committed to the realization of every child’s right to free or affordable Education.
WKC creates prospects for children to connect with volunteers from around the world to bring quality education to the children.
WKC also provide scholarship, better nutrition, and shelter for underprivileged kids.
World Kids Compassion knows that many children living in developing countries are disconnected from the rest of the world.
It is one of WKC’s passions to connect children with the world by providing tablet computers for their learning experience. We strive to connect underprivileged children to the Internet in the USA. We are working hard to make sure that we reach many children with access to the Internet.
WKC will be working with internet providers to provide affordable, free Internet service to low-income single-parent through our efforts.
Connect A Child To The Internet
Education is every child’s Right and not a Privilege. 
WKC is committed to the realization of every child’s right to free or affordable education. Providing relief during unexpected crises, promoting diverse cultures amongst African communities, and providing internet access to low-income families living in the USA. 
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