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World Kids Compassion distributed rice and cash to children 5 to 13 years old in Monrovia, Liberia, to put food on their tables for Christmas.

Our team in Liberia, West Africa, has done a great job of seamlessly carrying on this extraordinary task.

Thanks to our donors for making this possible. We are grateful for your generous donations. We still have more work to do with your help. 

We thank you.

Single Mom Micro Loan
After carefully accessing Liberia and Sierra Leone, a microloan is one of the best options from our interviews with the people in the communities. They emphasized the sponsorship and scholarship programs to be essential to the success of the children’s educational needs. Still, if there’s no meal at home, the child will not fully be involved in school due to lack of food will instead go search for food either by working for someone considered child labor or selling themselves to feed their family. 
Not every parent or guardian can afford their child’s tuition, and they may also not afford a proper meal for the children in the household. World Kids Compassion may not be able to end poverty in Africa. Still, we vowed to assist one family at a time and measure our success by evaluating the progress of the parent’s independence and the child’s progress in school.
WKC will kick off this project in the two countries mentioned earlier in West Africa in 2022 and move to the other two countries in 2024 in East Africa. 
Internet Service
The cost of the internet is not cheap. Many low-income families find it challenging to make ends meet and cannot afford the high cost of internet bills. WKA is working with Internet providers to provide affordable or accessible Internet service to low-income single parents through our efforts. If the family meets our qualifications guidelines, we will have them in this program. Our target is five families a year. We can increase the number of families through your efforts by supporting this cause
Sponsorship Program
By sponsoring a child, you show compassion and the fight against poverty. When you support a child in need, you indicate your affection for them, give them hope they thought they had been isolated from them, and create a special relationship that encourages them. Your sponsorship or donation will elevate the child to success and make them feel special to be counted among the others. Let’s help flush out poverty around the world by starting with the children. 
Safe Drinking Water
Providing safe drinking water for poor communities in Liberia and Sierra Leone is WKC’s top priority. Our goal is to provide 10 Ground Water Wells that provide safe water by 2021 in those two countries. Unsafe water spreads diseases faster than we can ever imagine. 
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